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Welcome all viewers to the digital platform of News Crime 24. Growing fast in India and working to bring all the small and big news of Bihar to you at the right time. This network is working not only in Bihar but all over India. It is also working to bring the news of the country and abroad to you. With reliable, accurate, fearless, truthful and unbiased news, News Crime 24 is operated from Patna, the main district of Bihar, which has been started for almost eight years. Since then, every news has been involved in the work of showing the truth among the general public and will continue to do so.

Online portal launched in 2015-

When News Crime 24 (online portal) was launched in the month of November 2015, there was no team and no news. It started from the very beginning and in this some journalists joined in the beginning and started sending their news and their news was also being flashed continuously among the public. Time passed and finally the day came when a team of our own network was formed and news started coming from almost everywhere. News started coming from many districts of different states. And our viewers also started trusting on the channel of “News Crime 24” and today this is the reason that even today our trust is made among the people and people are watching and liking the news extensively.

Till now there are many such news which people have come to know through News Crime 24 and have also done work to be aware. At the same time, action has also been taken against many people after the news spread. Our team is constantly engaged in the service of the public and is making them aware of the true news. The team of “News Crime 24” is mainly working on the news of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and New Delhi. Our team members are all like a family who are doing journalism completely independently and are working to publish every hidden news among you all. There are independent content portals, through which credible content is being shown attractively to the readers and audience.

Editor’s Introduction

The editor of News Crime 24 is Mr. Shambhu Raj, who has done journalism in different departments for the last several years. After which he started an online channel and started it named “News Crime 24” with the sole purpose of contributing fully to the service of the public, understanding their problems and speaking them among the people, showing the truth and the general public. But to stop the injustice happening, do the work of getting them justice. So that truth wins and untruth defeats.

We not only do Bihar but also make a detailed coverage of all the districts and make you work through this portal. NewsCrime24 is working to cover 38 districts of Bihar.

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